Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets Las Vegas

Through the life of a home, electrical outlets that are regularly used can wear out. And sometimes, a home only has two prong outlets in a place where you need a more reliable, grounded three prong outlet installed. We can help! While some houses are not wired with ground wire at the outlets, you may still be able to ground your outlets if the metal casing that surrounds the outlet within the wall is grounded.

Using our testing equipment, we will be able to test if your outlets can be safely upgraded in this way, and will perform the task as well. Many times, the metal boxes around the outlet are grounded to the electrical panel. In the event that a house cannot be grounded this way, we can wire your home with ground wiring, but this can be a costly upgrade.

Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas will be able to diagnose any electrical outlet issue.
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