Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems Las Vegas

In the desert of Las Vegas, we see our fair share of storms that bring with them the rare but powerful lightning strikes. Is your home located higher than other homes in its area, or otherwise prone to lightning strikes more often than the surrounding buildings? Having a lightning protection system professional installed by Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas can protect your home and electronics from damaging surges and even electrical fires. The peace of mind associated with a lightning protection system more than outweights the cost of the equipment and installation. The team at Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas will take care of everything from design to installation and testing. With our team by your side your home or business will be protected from the dangers of lightning strikes in no time.

As professional electricians, we have the know-how and experience to design your entire lightning protection system from start to finish. We have performed many installations just like yours and are well versed in the proper techniques and grounding that must be taken care of to ensure a safe and effective system. Whether the monsoon season has you a bit uneasy as lightning strikes a little close for comfort, or you are worried about your home appliances, give us a call. We are fully qualified and ready to work with expansive networking hubs that require professional lightning surge protection to ensure no disruptions. Let us help design a system to protect you today and for years to come.

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